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Whiteness HP Automixx


With our innovative Wīt HP AutoMixx, dental professionals can enjoy efficiency and practicality in a single convenient product. This hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel is made using a proprietary formulation to ensure successful whitening for patients looking to improve their smiles and confidence.

Product indications

Whitening of vital and non-vital teeth using the in-office technique with 35% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel.

Easy handling and great results from a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel kit


Wīt HP AutoMixx is packaged in a convenient and innovative syringe applicator that self-mixes to reduce the time and complexity of preparing a whitening solution. The neutral pH improves patient safety and the efficacy of the whitening gel. Viscous and suitable for contact of up to 50 minutes, this advanced hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel actively works throughout the entire session, ensuring that results are swift and noticeable. The blue-green color tint remains constant throughout the whitening treatment to ensure visibility and maximum control for the clinician.

Wīt HP AutoMixx helps to streamline dental practice costs thanks to a resealing syringe. Clinicians can use as much or as little as they need for the specific patient application. Syringes can be resealed and stored for future use.

With little risk of hypersensitivity thanks to a heat blocking formulation, even when using operative lights, this is the best choice for discerning dentists who want to deliver the absolute best hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening service to their patients.


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