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FGM Top Dam



FGM’s Top Dam Gingival Barrier is a light-cured resin, indicated for protecting the gingival tissue of patients during tooth whitening with 35% hydrogen peroxide and as a sealing aid in absolute isolation.

It is highly practical and eliminates the need for a rubber sheet in cases where the relative isolation of the gum is sufficient.

It is thixotropic, in order to facilitate the application and control of the product. After covering the area to be protected, simply light-polymerize the product, and it becomes rigid, insoluble and lightly adhered to the gums.

Instructions for Use Top Dam FGM
1.Dry the gums and teeth corresponding to the region you want to protect. Apply a thin layer of the product (maximum 1mm) on the gums and gingival papillae in such a way that total coverage and a good protection field are obtained for the procedure you wish to apply.

2.Polymerize the resin using 20 to 30 seconds of light from the curing light. It is recommended to carry out polymerization immediately after applying the product, to prevent any possible irritation.

3.To remove the product, simply detach it forward. It should come off easily completely or in large spaces.


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