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Ivoclar Tetric-N-Line


The Tetric N-Line of products consists of four well-coordinated composite resins for your direct restorative needs.Tetric N-Ceram is a mouldable universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations and Tetric N-Flow is its flowable counterpart.Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill is a sculptable 4-mm composite for posterior restorations and Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill is its flowable counterpart.




  • More than 110 million fillings placed
  • High process reliability during application
  • Reduced risk for process-related air entrapment
  • Excellent handling properties to suit every situation


  • One solution for all cavities
  • Time savings of up to 55% in the posterior region
  • 3 instead of 2 patients treated in the same amount of time – without compromises in quality


  • Chameleon effect that ensures a natural shade blend
  • True-to-nature esthetics for posterior restorations
  • Ivocerin and the Aessencio technology allow you to achieve the same high esthetics as with conventional composites


  • 3 x Tetric N Ceram Filling Material
  • 1 x Tetric N Ceram Bulk Fill
  • 1 x Tetric N Flow
  • 1 x Tetric N Flow Bulk Fill
  • Tetric N Bond Universal Adhesive


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