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FGM Ambar Universal APS


Ambar Universal APS is a self-etching dental adhesive indicated for bonding to enamel and dentin (restoration and cementation). The adhesive allows different application modes and can also be used as a primer for metal and ceramics.

Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive is reliable because it is made from a specialized formulation of solvents and monomers and is free of BPA chemicals. It provides excellent performance at any moisture level of dentin.



A reliable dental adhesive with high performance in moist dentin.Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive has been designed to be used in several cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures ranging from the simplest adhesive repairs to complex prosthetic work. As an easy handling universal dental adhesive with a high level of stability and with colorless aspect, dental professionals will find it to be an ideal alternative to other market brands.

The versatility of Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive is one of its biggest advantages, as it has great adhesion to different types of surfaces: metals, ceramics, composites and fiberglass posts. It is practically colorless, which makes it a great choice for cosmetic dental practices. This reliable dental adhesive can also be used as a primer for metal and ceramic restorative components.


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