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FGM Whitepost DC-E


Whitepost is a post made of fiberglass composite and high-strength epoxy resin that acts as intraradicular reinforcement of the dental structure and promotes retention for the definitive restorative or core build-up material, in the case of indirect restorations



It is available in the DC and DC-E versions. With the same apical diameter corresponding to the DC version, Whitepost DC-E (Special) is different because it is thicker in the cervical region. It offers more strength in cases with a lower amount of remaining coronary portion or for teeth with wider canals.


Whitepost Post

• Translucent post: ideal for cases where aesthetics is essential.

• Pre-silanized surface: retention equivalent to that of the serrated posts even without macroretentions (fragile zones).

• Elastic modulus similar to dentin and safer than metallic posts.

• High fracture resistance.

• Double tapered design: allows for less wear in the root preparation.

• Excellent light transmission.

• Highly aesthetic, practically colorless and translucent.

• Radiopaque, allowing for X-ray follow-up.

• Available in 8 sizes.

Whitepost Drill

• Inactive tip.

• High capacity of lateral cutting

• High sharpness durability

• Fits perfectly with the post


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