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Ivoclar Te-Econom Bond



Te-Econom Bond is a one-bottle dental adhesive designed for use in direct light-curing restorations, commonly performed in dentistry. This adhesive simplifies the bonding process by offering a one-layer, single-component solution. It boasts high bond strengths, a critical factor in ensuring the long-term success of dental restorations. What sets Te-Econom Bond apart is its ability to minimize solvent evaporation, particularly alcohol, during application. This characteristic helps maintain the adhesive’s integrity, ensuring a robust and reliable bond between the tooth structure and the restorative material. The one-bottle, one-layer design streamlines the application process, making it more straightforward for dental professionals to use, ultimately benefiting both patient care and treatment outcomes. Te-Econom Bond plays a pivotal role in enhancing the adhesion of dental restorations to teeth, promoting durability and long-lasting oral health.


  • Direct light-curing restorations


  • One-bottle, one-layer adhesive
  • High bond strengths
  • Minimal evaporation of solvent (alcohol)


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