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Glass Ionomer Cement Luting II



HUGE Luting II is an unique two-in-one product. By changing the mixing ratio of powder and liquid, it can not only achieve the effect of bonding cement, but also can be used for filling. It is a comprehensive product that combines the performance of Luting I and Filling I.

Technical Parameters

Product Luting II
For Luting For Filling
Powder/Liquid Ratio(g/g) 1.6-1.8/1.0 2.3-2.5/1.0
Mixing Time 45s 45s
Working Time 2min10s 3min
Setting Time 3min15s 2min45s
Film thickness 13μm /
Compression Strength >140Mpa >180Mpa
Shade TR, A1, A2, A3
Shelf Life 2 Years


1) The Luting II product has most of the functions of the Luting I and Filling I products. It can be used for the same purpose as the Luting I product, and can also be used for filling caries cavity in the non-stressed area.

2) The physical and chemical properties of Luting II products for bonding and filling are basically the same as those of Luting I and Filling I products, and the working time and compressive strength of the products for filling are better than those of Filling I.


Standard 30g*1 Powder

25g*1 Liquid

1 Measuring scoop

1 Mixing pad(50 sheets)

Mini 10g*1 Powder

10g*1 Liquid

1 Measuring scoop

1 Mixing pad(50 sheets)


  • Cementation of metal-Based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Cementation of high strength (zirconia based) all ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Cementation of posts and screws made of metal or high-strength ceramic
  • Cementation of orthodontic bands
  • Restoration of caries in unstressed area


  • When used for luting: Ideal film thickness
  • When used for filling:
  • Good durability
  • Low stickiness
  • Time saving


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