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FGM Opallis Flow


Opallis Flow is used for restoration of minimally invasive preparations, pits and fissures sealant, base / liner under direct restorations, tunnel preparations, radiopaque liner of cavities, repair of enamel defects and restoration of deciduous teeth, repairs in composite resin, bonding of tooth fragments, class III and V restorations and non – carious cervical lesions. Opallis Flow can be used separately or with Opallis or most light – curing composites. Opallis Flow is light – curing with blue light at a wavelength between 400 and 500nm.

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Available in shades:

  • A1 (2gm)
  • A2 (2gm)
  • A3 (2gm)

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A1, A2, A3


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