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FGM Opallis Composite Kit


Nano Composite resin Kit

  • Optical and mechanical properties compatible with natural teeth
  • Indicated for anterior and posterior teeth
  • Glass of German technology, average particle size of 0,5 μm.

Composite indicated for direct restoration of anterior and posterior teeth, with unparalleled optical and mechanical properties, excellent viscosity and easy handling and sculpting, which ensure superior finish and longevity of restorations. Opallis also contains Schott glass, German standard gold technology in dentistry, and features the widest range of shades.



Excellent polishing:
Reduced wear and surface roughness, contributing to maintaining the shine and longevity of restorations.

Superior mechanical properties:
Guarantee longevity for application to anterior and posterior teeth.

Optical properties:
Opalescence and fluorescence compatible with dental structure.

Ideal Consistency:
The consistency of the resin is softer, without losing its capacity to be sculpted.

Schott glass:
Its formulation has filler of glass from the German, Schott brand, one of the most renowned in the dental market. These fillers combine high purity, finer grains, refractive index close to dentin and excellent radiopacity.

Complete Shade System:
The Opallis shade system has 28 shades, which in addition to the enamel and dentin shades that follow the Vita guide, also has shades for whitened, translucent and extra opaque teeth


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