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DPI Algitex


DPI Algitex Alginate Impression Powder is a premium dental material designed for precise and detailed impressions. This high-quality alginate powder offers exceptional dimensional stability and accuracy, ensuring fine reproduction of dental structures. With a dust-free formulation, it guarantees a clean working environment. The pleasant mint flavor enhances patient comfort during the impression process. Its micro-cellular composition and lead-free nature contribute to its safety and reliability. DPI Algitex facilitates controlled flow and extended working time, catering to intricate detailing in dental procedures. This advanced alginate stands as an essential tool, combining efficiency and patient comfort in dental impression applications.

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  • Lead-Free
  • A smooth mixing, well-accepted alginate powder for mixing.
  • Excellent dimensional stability, and fine reproduction.
  • Pleasant and acceptable flavor.
  • Ample working time and controlled flow.
  • Made from the best quality raw material

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450 gm 30 Impressions, 750 gm 50 Impressions


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