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D-Sens P

Known as a Desensitizing Agent with Potassium Nitrate. D-Sens P is a sustained release, 3-4% potassium nitrate, and 0.11% weight by
weight fluoride ion, sticky, viscous gel. D-Sens P is made to be used in a custom tray. D-Sens P desensitizing gel provides a film-like varnish for sensitive teeth, sealing dentinal tubules of exposed dentin, and other areas where post-operative sensitivity is a
concern. The product is used either by a dental professional in the office or provided to the patient for home treatment of dentin sensitivity.

  • At-home or office Desensitizer: potassium nitrate in the aqueous base makes it ideal to
    serve both purposes.
  • Swift Action: Thixotropic formulation with sustained releasing properties which quickly
    acts on sensitivity arising due to brushing, thermal or chemical changes & whitening. It
    also acts on exposed roots.
  • Fluoride releases:┬áremineralizes exposed surfaces and prevents further sensitivity.





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