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Carestream RVG 142

Dental RVG Sensor 142 is an excellent RVG Machine for your dental clinic. With an easy installation process, RVG 142 – Size 1 comes with a 5 years comprehensive warranty.The Carestream Dental RVG Machine 142 delivers accurate and high quality periapical radiographs on your connected computer screen within seconds after X-Ray exposure. The intuitive sensor is always armed and ready to acquire images, and it no longer features a control box for simpler and easier use.This RVG Sensor’s ergonomic design with rear entry cable makes positioning easy, while rounded non-traumatic corners ensure a more comfortable examination for patients. Teflon lining reduces the friction of cable wires, and the weaving of alloy mesh cable shielding offers more flexibility. With a USB connection plug, RVG 142 cable is also thinner than other models, facilitating better control of the RVG machine.Dental RVG 142 is completely waterproof, and can be safely submerged in disinfectant for better infection control. The shock-resistant case and silicone padding protects the RVG Sensor against damages.RVG 142 comes with TWAIN compatibility allowing easy integration with almost any imaging and dental practice management software.



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