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Orikam E-xtreme Endomotor



Presenting E-xtreme Cordless Endomotor – the all new Smaller, Lighter, Quieter endomotor you have been waiting for!
Features of E-xtreme Cordless Endomotor-
1) Contra Angle:
  •  E-CAN Type contra angle
  •  360 degree rotation of contra angle
  •  Contra angle head: smallest (8mm diameter)
  •  Contra Angle weight: 17gm, smallest contra angle for better visibility and easier access
  •  Weight of motor (including contra angle): ~100gm
2) Battery: Lithium ion battery (800mAh)
3) Mode: 10 modes
  • M0 for reciprocation mode: 1 reverse reciprocation angle (30-150) & 4 forward reciprocation angle (150-30; 180-30; 210-30, 250-30)
  • M1 to M9 for continuous rotation
4) Speed Range: 120- 600 RPM
5) Torque: 0.5 to 4Ncm
6) Direction of rotation: Clockwise & anticlockwise
7) In-built file systems
8) Ambidextrous screen setting for left and right hand use
9) Calibration
10) Micro USB charger
11) Torque auto reverse
12) Design: Sleek and ergonomic cordless endomotor


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