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Maarc Dental MTA Unidose Kit


Maarc MTA is a powder & liquid system consisting of tricalcium and dicalcium silicate. Maarc MTA is white in color and does not stain the tooth. The powder is fine-grained which makes it ideal to be used as a sealer / in putty consistency as desired. The pH of the mix is higher than 10.5 which makes it the best material for root repair

Package Contains: 180 mg powder + 2ml Liquid



MTA cements provide better microleakage protection than traditional endodontic repair material. MTA material can be used as apical and furcation restorative materials as well as medicaments for apexogenesis and apexification treatments.


  • Indirect pulp capping
  • Direct pulp capping / partial pulpotomy
  • Cavity liner/base
  • Pulpotomy
  • Apexogenesis & Apexification
  • Perforation repair
  • Root-end filling
  • Obturation


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