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HI-TECH Durga Alpha


  • Body Contoured Electrically operated Dental chair
  • Articulated Headrest
  • Rotatable P U M folded Hand rest for Easy Access.
  • LED Operating Light with Sensor
  • Chair Mount Delivery 5 Point Modular Systems
  • High & Low motorized Suction with Auto Drain Systems
  • Fully ceramic Spittoon & Tumbler.
  • Auto Controlled w ater for Spittoon & Tumbler
  • 2 Airotor, Micro motor point & 3way Syringe
  • Assistant Side chair Up & Down,
  • Front & Back position key systems.
  • Water Booster for Airotor & 3way Syringe
  • Multi-Functional Foot Control
  • LED X-Ray Viewer
  • Stainless steel Instrument Tray
  • Operating Doctor Working Stool
  • Radiating an aur a of Sleekness & Elegance

Optional Attachments:

  • Can be customized as per Requirements


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