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3m ESPE Filtek Z350 Xt Universal Restorative Syringe Kit




Experience the pinnacle of dental restorative excellence with 3M™ Filtek™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative. This remarkable dental composite offers a harmonious blend of unsurpassed aesthetics and exceptional strength, making it the ideal choice for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Achieving natural-looking results has never been easier. Filtek Z350 XT boasts excellent polish retention, a wide range of shades and opacities, and a natural-looking fluorescence that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. Its simple-to-use design ensures exceptional handling, and with a palette of natural body shades, you can effortlessly employ a single-shade technique for seamless results. The color-coded capsules and syringes by opacity simplify your workflow, enhancing efficiency and precision.

What sets Filtek Z350 XT apart is its enduring durability, suitable for both anterior and posterior applications. This composite offers excellent wear resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability. In comparative tests, it exhibited superior flexural strength compared to other leading composites, including EsthetX® HD, Herculite™ Ultra, and Tetric EvoCeram®.

At the heart of Filtek Z350 XT’s exceptional performance lies TRUE nanotechnology, where nanoparticles are uniquely formed in the nano size range, not ground down through mechanical processes. These nanoparticles are fused into nanoclusters, which mimic the wear rate of surrounding resin matrix during abrasion, preserving the smooth surface gloss for impeccable aesthetics. Moreover, these nanoclusters enable high filler loading, resulting in outstanding physical properties and wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for posterior restorations.

This comprehensive dental kit includes Dentin, Body, Enamel, and Translucent shades, all radiopaque and available in syringes and single-dose capsules. To ensure lasting brilliance, a dental adhesive is included to permanently bond the restoration to the tooth structure.


  • Filtek ™ Z350 XT restorative dental kit has bonded nanofillers help retain its brilliant polish.
  • In-vitro lab data has shown that the wear resistance of restoration.
  • A clinical study consucted for a duration of 5 years has revealed that statistically there is no significant difference between Filtek ™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative and natural enamel.
  • The restoration maintains a smoother surface, meaning the initial impressive gloss will last for years due to the creation of unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles.


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